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Mooring Happenings

Shaping Worlds, Shaping Freedom

thursdays, july 16-august 6 2020

MH is a 4 class series exploring the possibilities of shaping spaces of freedom. I frame mooring as a movement dialogue, for connecting and becoming available to the body in the dark; To attach to shore, to anchor, a landing.

 This course experiments with questions of foundation, beginnings, endings, landing and holding space, in our bodies, in our lives.


I will guide each class through a movement exploration followed by a discussion + offerings for continuing to imagine new futures. This course encourages and welcomes the intersection of all artistic mediums, however is centered as a movement practice.


The premise of this offering is rooted in conversation with Black feminist artists, such as, Octavia Butler, Alexis Pauline Gumbs, Amara T. Smith, Sylvia Wynters, Audre Lorde, and many more. 


Mooring Happenings is an experiment, it is ritual, it is play.  


In this space we center and hold the voices and lives of Queer, Trans, and Black/Indigenous People


if interested in next session please stay updated via Common Healing

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