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I live in the non-linear, oscillating, within the in-between space.

In the epicenter of this liminal space,

ethnographic histories,

kinesthetic sensations,

and sounds

charge my desires to experiment with forms of interdisciplinary movement performance and arts-based community research.

I am interested in worlds, known and unknown,

with love,

we conjure in the venture of dark matter,

kinesthetic empathy with ecology,

and mythical wondering.

My work offers space and time for process, and honoring the past, present and future self; conversation with lineage and story/re-tellings, transcribed within the body, transmuted in daily living. 

I investigate through varying notions of positive obsession, revolving in re-memory and mythological making


 my pleasure in embodied practices/experiences.

I give myself to live(ing) ritual, with collaborative creativity,

an evolving development of process in Black, queer, feminist environmental methodologies that explore play as critical research.

The process methods shift with drawing/patterning, film, and photography, mapping/tracing home (the body) in relationship to land, nature, community and those who draw from it and fight for its sustainability.

artist statement
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