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the Shore:in/SIGHT is a multidisciplinary performance ritual, investigating the embodied activation of prayer within cosmic Blackness, dark space. This piece seeks to combine dance, film, poetry, sonic repetition, and audience participation within the healing of darkness with visual meditation, movement, and storytelling. Here in this space, Black and queer artists create portals, spaces of ceremony, celebration, prayer. We gather in darkness, to engage in storytelling about our Mutha’s, home, land, time, spatiality, and water - our beginnings and our changes. Here, is praise and worship Here, is my people created in Performing Arts Residency 2021, Contemporary Arts Center


Creative Direction, Choreography, Editing - paris cyan cian

Cameron Mitchell-Ware - Creative Producer

Chanice Diante + Abeo Tibbs - Movement Collaborators

Jazzmyne Cry - Costume Design

Cinematography - Kelli Scates + Drake Matlock

Lighting Design - Jo Nazori


Contemporary Arts Center: Performing Arts Residency (2021)

Screen Shot 2021-01-11 at 2.22.51 PM.png

experimental moving image; nonlinear conversation with my grandmother(s), as Black land, Black space, Black futures and possibilities. 

“She told them that the only grace they could have, was the grace they could imagine.” 

- Toni Morrison, Beloved


Merde Project Commission(2021)

Homemade With Love: More Living Room, Krannert Art Museum, University of Urbana-Champaign Illinois (2021)

home(love)making: woodlandcrossings
cyan cian / homelovemaking

"Freedom is not a secret. It's a practice." - Alexis Pauline Gumbs

Homelovemaking: woodlandcrossings is an ongoing multidisciplinary somatic series of Black outdoor portal studies, questioning the ways we enter, exit, and create spaces (in love).

SKEW Issue 02, Level Ground (2020)

access to video click here / password: hlmwc


2323BlackLuna is an embodied portal + sonic score, honoring meditation with/in darkness, dark space.

Black Girlhood Aesthetics Visual Journal (2021)

Los Angeles Dance Festival (virtual, 2020)

'fi we di black earth future, Ritual Knowledge + 12o collective (2020)

equanimity (part 1)
equanimity part 1.jpeg

film, 5 mins

collaboration Kelli Scates

"Identity Measures," Contemporary Arts Center Open Call (2019)

Eleanor D. Wilson Museum (2018)


performance exhibition + installation

Eleanor D. Wilson Museum (2018)

equanimity (part 2)
equanimity part 2.jpeg

film, 5 mins

collaboration Kelli Scates

"Identity Measures," Contemporary Arts Center Open Call (2019)

Eleanor D. Wilson Museum (2018)



collaboration Kelli Scates

(mute) conversations

(mute) conversations with a black girl


collaboration/remix lovenloops

Midwest Radfest (2019)

ACDA Informal (2016)

contribute to the making and foundation of cyan's artistic practice. all offerings and donation will be used towards the makings of new and current projects.
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