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paris cyan cian is a movement architect, educator, and bodypoet working with and through various interdisciplinary forms of dance, drawing, film, photography, and sound. Rooted in New Orleans, cyan’s creative work mobilizes embodied memory and ecological play into a worldmaking practice. cyan cian received her BFA/BA in Dance with a concentration in social justice, gender women’s studies from Hollins University (2018) and Masters of Fine Arts in Choreography at Roehampton University, London, U.K (2021).

artist statement 

I live in the here, oscillating, spiraling with/in time’s illusion. I live in the here, of  Blackness. I live in the here, of my girlhood - unknown, wild, and supple. Here, we’ve created liminal space, centering play, exploring the dance of freedom’s possibilities and happenings. Worlds created by conjure, my black girl cosmology, is the essence of my poetic embodiment. Here, is a daily ritual, process, honor and prayer. Here, we design with and between, furniture, charcoal, collating of imagery, nature, topographic patterning and carto-choreographic practice- Black eco/architectural performance and play. Here, in this place, within the we, there is communion as a spatial practice, and we move.


design statement


I am engulfed by choreography as it functions within an architectural design practice. To be of the digital or the spatial of land or cosmo - there is a movement. Choreography is an everyday living practice; it is our ritual of matter. Therefore, I design environments and practices for embodied wellness through the poetics of movement. I facilitate shapeshifting to reset and reshape the possibilities available to society. As a conduit of experience, I am attentive to the amalgamation of adapting - mooring light into methods of wellness and investigation of process. Through my practice I am designing possibilities within varying modalities. “Liberation as a spatial practice,” of layers. multiplicity. crossings.

photo credit: Fernando Lopez


collective of embodied poetic architects

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