spiral into the depths, exploration awaits , the bottom of the ocean illuminated



paris “cyan” cian is a bodypoet, moving with/in choreographic practice through dance, poetry, drawing, sound, and film. Rooted in New Orleans, crossing between Los Angeles and London, her praxis oscillates at the intersections of Black girlhood futurity, ecological reimagination, centering re-memory and ritual/durational practices through Black (queer) feminist methodologies. Performance exhibitions/installations, practices, and organizing include Los Angeles Dance Festival, Ritual Knowledge, Contemporary Arts Center New Orleans, Eleanor D. Wilson Museum Virginia, Radical XChange, Saint Heron, BlackGirlGeniusWeek/SOLHOT, No)one. Art House LA, and Dancing Grounds. cyan cian received her BFA/BA in Dance with a concentration in social justice, gender women’s studies from Hollins University (2018) and is a current candidate in the Masters of Fine Arts in Choreography program at Roehampton University, London, U.K (2021).

cyan gives thanks to the journey of the continuum with love, healing, and peace. 

small poems / love spells

where does it take you

below in the lake





how does one survive in these waters?

Release the tactics once known

And breathe

Come up for air

When necessary

we are not

And, we are.


I slowly closed my eyes, inhale, exhale, in the dirt I stand. Toes curled in fertilizer, drinking the wisdom of my foremothers. We are one. Many and all. Light enters my arches, trickling upward stream, current waves of energetic healing and resistance flows through me. To my knee cap, hips, torso, arms lumbar spine, head, light enters through my arches. From the ground up, I take root, blooming from seed.


We are not

And, we are



Strong and sturdy.

We dive into the spiral

Swimming shadow, through –

 wandering glimpses

See ourselves seeing

perhaps i’ve let go of knowing

perhaps we’re being

perhaps we’re already in the doing

perhaps this is the practice

perhaps, breathing

perhaps breathing

affirmation 8:44:

who can tell me I am not? I am of poetics. I am of love. 








ancient lagoon

sea rising

sea rising

she says it's time to listen to shore.

Is there an exit?

This is ground, root, work

Home -work

This is home

Theres change here, happening

How do you love yourself?

How do you give love to yourself?

How do you give love?